Just Add Tech

  • Aug 21, 2018

There's a hot new trend that's delivering a shot of excitement to traditional promotional merchandise like bags and drinkware. Tech features, like charging ports and bluetooth speakers are being added to these products to increase the fun and deliver more function. Check out these exciting new products.

Drinkware with Built-In Speakers

Drinkware with a twist! The new Ozzy Sports Bottle and Soundwave Vacuum Insulated Bottle have bluetooth speakers that pair with your devices so that you can take your tunes on the go. They're great giveaways for startup events like conferences and outdoor festivals.

Ozzy Sports Bottle


Soundwave Vacuum Insulated Bottle


Backpacks with Unique Charging Capabilities

Here's the latest evolution in backpacks. These next-generation bags have built-in device charging capabilities. Forget scrambling to find an outlet at a busy airport - life just got a little easier.  The Overland Computer Backpack has a built-in USB port and cable. Simply hook up your power bank and you can charge your devices inside your bag while running to catch your connection.   

Another backpack tech upgrade lets you stop and smell the roses while charging your phone. The cool new Elevate Soleil Backpack has a 5W solar panel so you can simply plug your device into the USB port and charge it - no power bank needed.

Overland Computer Backpack


Elevate Soleil Backpack



The Bottom Line

Technology fascinates and the unique features on these bottles and bags create a WOW experience that's sure to make an impact on your brand.



*Images and content shared by pcna.com (preferred HALO supplier)